About Us

Khelconnect.com is a platform for young and talented athlete and coaches who want to succeed in their respective sports field. On the one hand khelconnect.com offers opportunities to the athletes to showcase their sporting talent and make a career in sports whereas similarly on the other hand it also offer opportunists to talented coaches to get selected for the sporting assignments offer by school, colleges, sports clubs etc. Its motto is to help, Guide and connect athletes and coaches to the sporting world.

Khelconnect.com consist the database of athletes who are looking for better opportunities to exhale in their respective sporting field. Khelconnect.com helps athlete to get selected /hire by Athlete Recruiter Athlete Recruiter can be anyone like School, colleges, Sports academies, sports clubs etc.

Similarly there is a great demand for coaches who nourishes and train the athletes for the sporting world. Khelconnect.com hold the database of such talented coaches who are ready to get coaching jobs/assignment offers by various schools, colleges, sports clubs, sports coaching centers etc.

Our Mission

To provide a platform and create opportunities for players and coaches to showcase their sporting talent.

Our Vision

To bring sporting culture in India and transforming our nation into global leader in sports.

How it's Work

Athletes and Coaches create their sports profile at khelconnect.com .
Athletes Recruiter like school, college’s, sports academies, sports clubs etc connect with these athletes and Coaches .
Interested Athletes and Coaches confirm their sports jobs/requirements interest offfered by the Athlete recruiters.
Athlete and Coaches negotiate the terms and accept the offer of Athlete recruiter