15 May 2019 A sports startup for Athletes and Coaches. is a web portal for Athletes and coaches for getting connected with sports recruiter like school, colleges, sports academies, sports clubs, sports consultants etc.

Athletes and coaches of different sports categories like cricket, football, hockey, swimming, wrestling etc. create their professional sports profile on for better opportunities in sports.

The idea behind is to create opportunities from the moment one decides to pursue a career in sports. In this modern digital world there was a need for a sports web platform which do things better and faster for Athlete and coaches. also allows Athlete recruiter and companies to search talented athletes and offer sponsorship opportunities for their brands. In this way it helps to curb some of the inefficiencies in the offline sports sponsorship business, and made the process faster and more transparent.

So if you are looking for opportunities and want to be a part of this evolving digital sports platform then is the platform for you to kick off your career in sports. To register with please visit